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About the program

In 2012, Bayer launched the Global Ophthalmology Awards Program (GOAP) with the aim of advancing the scientific understanding and clinical management of retinal ophthalmic disorders. Through grants supporting research and training in ophthalmology, the program seeks to provide opportunities for treatment improvement and to encourage ophthalmologists to further develop their skills in the management of retinal disorders.

Since 2012, 780 applications have been received from 59 countries, across five continents*.

*As of August 2019

"The Global Ophthalmology Awards Program has supported high-quality research projects across a range of disciplines working in vision and eye health: from epidemiological linkage studies aimed at teasing out genetic associations of ocular disease, analysis of big data to guide management, clinical studies using new imaging modalities, to basic science research into the fundamental cellular processes of health and disease. The fellowship awards have supported young ophthalmologists further their training towards becoming the clinical scientist leaders of the future.  I am proud and honoured to be involved in this program."
Dr Jennifer Arnold and Professor Quan Dong Nguyen
(Co-chairs of the Grants Review and Awards Committee)

GOAP awardees have researched a diverse range of topics in the field of retinal disease and have published their results in journals such as The Lancet, Retina, and the American Journal of Ophthalmology.

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